Parties & Special Events

Birthday Parties


Choose one of our Birthday Party Packages

Package 1 - .$9.00 per guest (4 person   minimum required), Includes:  Bowling & shoe rental for 1 1/2 hours and 1/2 hour for cake & gifts, soft drinks included for the kids.

Package 2 - $12.00 per guest (4 person minimum required).  Includes same as package 1 PLUS 1 slice of Pizza per bowler, plates, napkins and a free game pass for each bowler to use at a future time.

You may bring cake & ice cream, but no other food or beverages.

We will provide bumpers for those who need them.


Corporate Parties & Special Events


It's amazing how a SMALL Thank You to your employees - such as hosting a great corporate bowling party - BOOSTS Morale & IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY.  Whitmore Lanes hosts many company parties throughout the year.

Whitmore Lanes can help you take care of all the planning.  Plus, you'll have access to our "Special Company Party Bowling Games".  These games have been designed for groups looking to have a great time even if you don't have many bowlers.  As long as you can have FUN, these games are for you!

We can also provide you with a great theme party.  Groups have used our Bowling for Beads game and turned it into a Mardi Gras, or Leis for a Hawaiian Theme.  Don't worry, we'll help you plan the entire event!

Whitmore Lanes can provide the perfect party for adults only, but we can also provide a great party that your employees would love to invite their families to.  You will see PLENTY OF SMILES and it's hard to miss the SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER aove the balls rolling and pins crashing!

Contact us today at 734-449-4405 for party dates, pricing and information



Fundraising Made Easy...

Bowling is a great way for schools, sports teams, churches, charities and many other organizations to make money.


  • No up front costs (For larger events during prime time a deposit may be required)
  • No campaigning door to door
  • No order form collecting
  • No perishable goods
  • No delivery responsibilities
  • No Weather factor


Here is how it works:

We charge you a discounted rate for each lane, which includes bowling, shoe rental and possibly food.

Then, you determine the price for each participant based on your fund raising goals. Assign 5 to 6 participants to each lane.

Subtract the discounted lane fees from your total participant fees, and your organization keeps the difference!

Raffles and 50/50 drawings also help to elevate your earnings!

We will work with you to try to accommodate your group or organization!

Field Trips & Group Outings


Whether it's a end of the year field trip, a reward for your students, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Whitmore Lanes can customize a package for you!

1, 2 or 3 games, or by the hour...

We have automatic bumpers that will go up for those who need them 

(kids only)

We also can add on a food or drink packages to your bowling.

Contact us at 734-449-4405 to schedule your outing today!